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Innovation & Creativty & Enterprise Research Proposal

Innovation & Creativty & Enterprise - Research Proposal Example The company culture is a major aspect that has shaped the success of the firm to its current 5-star ranking. The management has set out to employ personnel that are dependable and work with minimal supervision. Once personnel are hired they are taken through a training program to mentor them. The article will also look at the steps taken by the entity in its globalization process, this includes the purchase of modern planes for their fleet with examples like the Airbus 330 cargo planes and Boeing 777 (June 2013, Qatar Airways). Globalization is the outsourcing of services of a firm to a multinational level. This is crucial for a company like Qatar Airways that is in the transport sector an example of this is in its venture into the Chinese market (Business Age, 2015). The article will compare the steps taken in development to innovation management theories like that of the Austrian economist Joseph Schumpeter and their impacts on global economic trends (Purcher, S. 2014, vol. 67) The article will outline the risks involved in the flight business and the challenges involved in the daily running of the organization. The airline has a current growth rate of 35% per annum with an impressive fleet of 100 planes. The airline intends to take the top spot in its field, this is outlined in its future plans which the article will detail. The customer base is the most important part of this trade and their satisfaction shapes the success of the business. With the stiff competition among airlines to attract and retain the same clients, the firms are in competition to outdo each other. This is where innovation comes in; this phenomenon involves the trait of new and brilliant ideologies on how to venture into the various markets. All these comes down to the customer feedback which will show how the company has been evaluated by the people it

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Labor markets Essay Example for Free

Labor markets Essay Low wages in developing countries has prompted textile-manufacturers to migrate their operations from high wage countries. High wage countries who are also often more developed have also benefited by better product prices and the development of their labor markets to become specialized and technical. However, this has also severely reduced the number of jobs available particularly for skilled labor markets. Palley (2006) reflects that an amplification of such a scenario results in high wage markets to lose buying power and labor surplus will shift power from workers to the extent of overwhelm workers’ welfare. Another issue that has gained concern is the issue of labor exploitation. Seyoum (2007) believes that in the rush to establish transnational operations by companies in low wage developing countries and the eagerness of the se countries for businesses to boost the economy, the issue of welfare, working conditions and labor issues was not fully addressed. The inclusion of labor regulations in international trade agreements can address the issues effectively but there are significant challenges in enforcing and monitoring work standards within and across trade agreements. The liberalization of trade has allowed for greater opportunities in importing and exporting. It has increased product options, supply and distribution channels as well as skills that can be utilized to create and market products. However, this has also created greater challenges for retailers since more products are available creating the possibility of price wars and shifting power to buyers. Therefore, retail marketers have to devote greater effort in establishing product differentiation and loyalty. Despite the gravity of the issue, Palley (2006) points out that the general public has no significant opinion regarding where their clothes are manufactured that influences their buying habits. However, this does not mean that they have no awareness of the issues that involve transnational manufacturing, importing, exporting and labor issues. A survey of opinions suggested that a significant number of people have concerns about the impact to labor markets rather on the clothing product itself: price remains to a primary motivation. Many suggest that existing trends and issues are part of the adjustments necessary in establishing globalization. References Seyoum, Belay (2007). Trade liberalization and patterns of strategic adjustment in the US textiles and clothing industry. International Business Review, Volume 16, Issue 1, February. pp 109-135 Palley, Thomas I. (2006). Thinking Outside the Box about Trade, Development, and Poverty Reduction. Economics For Democratic And Open Societies, Project, Policy Paper #1. Washington DC: Economics for Democratic and Open Societies Project.

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Top 5 Inventions for Economic Growth :: essays research papers

The ultimate engine of economic growth is new technology. According to economists, the growth of output per capita is a fairly recent phenomenon. This can be attributed to all the new technology people have discovered in the past few centuries, causing output growth to surge and accelerate faster than ever before in history. The result of all these ingenious, innovative inventions has been a total revolution in the way people live their lives. After examining the multitude of invention descriptions on the four websites and considering from other sources, I have concluded that the telephone, printing press, automobile, airplane and the computer have contributed most to economic growth.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  First and foremost, the invention of the telephone is ranked number one among my five choices. From my own judgment, this would seem to contribute the most to economic growth. Until the invention of this magnificent device, messengers often had to be sent long distances to deliver information. Intercontinental and overseas communication would take months or even years. From an economic standpoint, companies could relay information between themselves and others instantaneously and make decisions and react to internal and external factors extremely quickly. Essentially, it accelerated the world economy.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Now, the second among my choices was the printing press invented during the Renaissance period by Johannes Gutenberg. This item revolutionized printing, â€Å"making it simple and more affordable† ( This would enable information to become widely available among the populace. Although it may not have occurred right away, this would increase the education among a society and harvest more educated people with more potential. Number three on the list is the automobile. This invention would enable people to traverse large distances in dramatically less time than ever before. Companies could deliver goods and services much quicker, people had much more control of where to go then previously with the steam engine. Also with the invention of the automobile, the horse and carriage and other modes of primitive transportation have become obsolete. This new technology ultimately would accelerate the speed of the economy and increase economic growth.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  The invention of the airplane by the Wright brothers changed the world, so number four would be the airplane. Again, like the automobile, people would be able to travel great distances in so much less time, and eventually intercontinental travel would be possible. The invention of this enables companies expand across the globe and people to travel with more ease.

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Communication and Collaboration Strategy Essay

Being able to accomplish a task with a team can be both rewarding and challenging. Learning how to effectively work with a group of people from diverse backgrounds can ultimately be draining. First and foremost there has to be an understanding that everyone is not the same, personalities are different, attitudes are different, work habits are not the same, and definitely learning styles are different. Becoming more sensitive with other team members actions or behaviors is a must. This will help to guide the team as a whole in developing different work strategies to reach the success of the team. The tests that I took to determine my personality and learning style were called â€Å"Multiple Pathways to Learning and the Personality Spectrum. † My highest most dominant personality scores were about equal between â€Å"organizer, thinker, and giver† my weakest point was being an adventurer. It also revealed that I my most dominant learning style is bodily-kinesthetic, musical, intrapersonal, and interpersonal but I am also verbal-linguistic. I find that I do agree with the results of these tests and I will use these learning styles to connect to my fellow team members that are in my group and those that are yet to come. I can use these beneficial techniques in my studies and work on those benefits that I am not yet strong in. There are other different personality types that were mentioned in the tests, they include: Thinker, Giver, and Adventurer, along with Organizer. They can all have an effective way that can increase the advance of a team. Thinkers are good at solving problems, and are very efficient when constructing models, while still able to analyze things. The Givers are peaceful, helpful, and caring and are very useful when dealing with human relationships. During times of conflicts between the team givers are exceptional at resolving the conflict and are seemingly good at negotiating (Carter, Bishop, & Kravits 2007). The Adventurer are individuals who love to explore new things. They often excel at new ideas and are also problem solvers. They also are always thinking of new ways to learn and are very good a puzzles and riddles. The different learning styles that are helpful in a team environment are: visual-spatial learning, verbal-linguistic, interpersonal, and logical-mathematics. People with the Verbal-Linguistic learning style are those people who are good in remembering terms, and familiarizing sentence structures, syntax, and word meanings (Carter, Bishop, & Kravits 2007). These individuals are also good in grammar, and would excel in teaching, and discussion. The best way to communicate with these individuals would be to be as clear as possible. Individuals with interpersonal learning style like being around people so this would best work in a team environment. Always in a clear manner they have no problem expressing themselves either verbally or non- verbally. The best way to deal with these individuals would be to allow them to express their concerns and find a way to get the job done. Being kind and warm with these individuals will help to further the progress of the team. Individuals with logical-mathematics are always reasoning logically. These individuals have above average skills when it comes to scientific reasoning and using tables and charts. It is best to use logical communication skills when dealing with this learning style. Maybe make presentations with charts and graphs or just plain common sense. When dealing with a team environment you have to first set ground rules and figure out a way that everyone can have their voice heard. This will ensure that no one is left out and everyone participates without any problems or conflicts. But should they arise being patient with one another and allowing an open floor for discussion will be beneficial to resolving any conflicts and getting the job done.

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How Did Ernest Hemingway Influenced By Ernest Hemingway

From Hemingway’s outlandish family, to his principal influencers, it is understood that these are the key inspirations for his triumph in the writing realm. People either adored Hemingway or had a strong hatred for him. Hemingway connects to his writing in a way that no other author of his time period could, which is shown throughout his writing. A substantial part of Hemingway’s life was in the war, whether that was fighting or just helping out around the trenches. He did all of these things and still had a longing to travel the world. Ernest Hemingway was an excessively influential author to the overall modernism literary movement. He had a unique childhood and an extraordinary overall life. He took much pride in the quality of his†¦show more content†¦Hemingway’s attitude Hemingway’s attitude was a prominent part of him which determined many people’s perceptions of him. One bizarre thing about Hemingway was that he didn’t want a biography written during his lifetime and hoped that no one would write one until a century after his death. Three years before he died, he wrote in his will that none of his many letters were allowed to ever be published. But in the years since his death, Hemingway has had more written about him than any other American writer in the twentieth century. Hemingway was the kind of guy to tell something like it was. His sentences usually were not too complicated and he encompassed many stories by means of repetition (Adams). Hemingway also had a malevolent side to him. If he thought a women were not likeminded to him, he would threaten to take his own life (Adams). â€Å"He once boasted of shooting a dog in such a way as to ensure it would take days to bleed to death† (Adams). After going through this p hase of having a horrid sense of humor, he started to tell everyone what to do. â€Å"Hemingway had arrived; he saw himself as one of the patriarchs of American literature, young as he was. He began to be everyone’s papa, but not often a benevolent one. HeShow MoreRelatedErnest Hemmingway: Shifting Gender Roles in The Sun Also Rises782 Words   |  3 PagesErnest Hemingway was born on July 21, 1899 in Chicago, Illinois. Hemingway was an American author and journalist. Kemen Zabala author of â€Å"HEMINGWAY: A STUDY IN GENDER AND SEXUALITY† states that Hemingway was commonly known for portraying the sterile and disillusioned environment created by the massive human loss of World War I. Perhaps his exposure to the atrocious nature of war as a Red Cross ambulance driver in the Europe during World War I aided and further influenced his literary capturing ofRead MoreThroughout the 20th century there were many influential pieces of literature that would not only1200 Words   |  5 Pagesthe positives and negatives in an author. Ernest Hemingway was one of these influential authors. Suffering through most of his life due to a disturbingly scarring childhood, he expresses his intense mental and emotional insecurities through subtle metaphors that bluntly show problems with commitment to women and proving his masculinity to others. Ernest Hemingway was born on July 21, 1899, in Cicero, Illinois. Clarence and Grace Hemingway raised Ernest in the suburbs of Chicago and Northern MichiganRead MoreErnest Hemingway, the Writer of Lost Generation Essay1322 Words   |  6 PagesLiving in the overwhelming burden of the war, the â€Å"Lost Generation†, which Ernest Hemingway was a part of, was a group of people spending their spring of life in warfare and aftereffect of war (Lost Generation). He was a laureate of the Novel Prize in Literature in 1954 as an influential American novelist. Ernest Hemingway expressed his experience and sentiments in his writings, exerting profound impact on American Literature (Nobel Prize). His birth, upbringing, employment, literary works, and effectRead MoreTaking a Look at Ernest Hemingway1167 Words   |  5 PagesErnest Hemingway Research Paper Ernest Hemingway was an extraordinary individual. There was a lot more to his life than most readers know about. His writing was influenced by the lifestyle that he led. Hemingway was an adventurous person that liked to live life to its fullest. Just like everyone, he made decisions that were both good and bad, and his decisions and actions shaped his writing style. Hemmingway found a great deal of success and his career was topped off with him being awarded theRead MoreErnest Hemingway, a Legacy for American Literature1550 Words   |  7 PagesErnest Hemingway, A legacy for American Literature Some say that Hemingways personal life should disqualify him from the literature canon. They state that his torrent affairs, his alcoholism, and his mental state should preclude him from entry into the canon. These are the very things that help to make Hemingway a unique writer. Although his genre is fiction, he relies on his real life experiences with the people and places that he visited. The very definition of the literary canon disputes theseRead MoreHemingways Love Life Rough Draft Essay1034 Words   |  5 Pageshis years, various women had walked into the famous writer Ernest Hemingway’s life. Yet these same women never remained with Hemingway for long and soon enough walked out on him, with the exception of his last and final wife. Thus the love life of Ernest Hemingway proved to be a complex one. However the time each woman had spent with Hemingway did not simply end with their break-ups; instead the women’s brief relationship with Hemingway served to be a gr eat source of inspiration for the famous writerRead MoreArt And The Modern Era And Impact The 20th Century1522 Words   |  7 Pagesand Ernest Hemingway are those two names, which they don’t need to identification. They are well-known personality from lifetime works on their own respected fields. Pablo Picasso and Hemingway are most well-known in the 20th century and still popular in art and literature. Both artists created valuable paintings, stories and novels from their imagination and express beautifully that reader and viewer can inspired by them. That why they are always be our inspiration and idol. How did Ernest HemingwayRead MoreThe War Novel For Whom The Bell Tolls1308 Words   |  6 PagesIn the war novel For Whom The Bell Tolls, Ernest Hemingway conveys to the reader that the harsh conditions of the Spanish Civil War is cruel and to be expected of war. Hemingway was surprisingly active during the Spanish Civil War. He supported the republic and attempted to express the evil of fascism through his literary works. Published just after the end of the Spanish Civil War, For Whom The Bell Tolls is one of his literary works that tried to spread awareness of the war through the storyRead MoreThe Influence Of Heroism In The Old Man And The Sea By Ernest Hemingway754 Words   |  4 PagesWe have different perspectives on a lot of things and for most†¦. it’s how to be a man or a hero depending on how you look at it. But it’s not about heroism. It’s the views on how to be a man (at least to me). The Hemingway’ way is different from most writers b ut it might just be the most influential. That is just my opinion. Out of all his works, we take three stories and one from Tim O’Brien whose work is influenced by the man himself. Our stories all tie in with one another and a trait they allRead MoreAnalysis Of A Farwell To Arms By Ernest Hemingway1490 Words   |  6 PagesErnest Hemingway was a great American writer that accomplished many pieces of work including short stories, novels and journals. Hemingway was born in 1899 and raised in Illinois; he first started writing in high school for his schools newspaper cover things such as the local orchestra and working for the school year book. After graduation from high school he started his first job as journalist in Kanas working for the Kansas City Star newspaper. Hemingway soon left Kansas to serve in WWI as an

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The Constitutional Framers And The President Of The United...

The Constitutional framers would never have believed how much power the President of the United States has obtained to this present day. Based off their work, it seems as if the framers expected Congress to have the vast majority of power. It is true that Congress still has maintained some of their power; yet, as a collective society we tend to place our sole interest on the president and magnify on all his accomplishments and especially on all his losses (sometimes even blaming him for events that are out of his jurisdiction). Nonetheless, the president has gained quite a remarkable amount of power over the years and it is highly noticeable when analyzing differences in the institutions, the policies, and culturally. Institutional changes are crucial when viewing how some responsibilities have been transferred from Congress to the president. An example of an institutional change that granted the president more power was the War Powers Resolution of 1973. This resolution made it so t hat the President would have to consult with Congress before making any decision involving military action. However, as Robert Turner from The Federalist Society has pointed out, â€Å"†¦it is unclear what authority Congress has to compel the President to submit such reports† (Turner). Although it initially seems as if this resolution would level the playing field between Congress and the President, it actually expanded his power. A second example would be the Budget and Accounting Act of 1921. ThisShow MoreRelatedPresidential Powers and the Constitution1372 Words   |  6 PagesRevolution and the creation of a new nation under a written Constitution, the Framers of the United States had a vision of a republic that shared the balance of governance within a three branch system; each designed to organize a balance of power whereby Constitutional division of powers provide each branch the means to frustrate the goals favored by a single branch; in an attempt to promote int erbranch cooperation. The Framers had extreme distrust in a large national government and especially in theRead MoreThe Purpose of Vice Presidency Essay examples902 Words   |  4 PagesPresidency It appears to me that the vice president serves little or no significant purposes in the American political system. When I think of the role of vice president, the only thing that comes to mind is the fact that if the president dies or is not able to hold office it is the job of the vice president to take over as president. I am sure I share this ideology with many others; however, the role of the vice president is far more complex than that. In this paperRead MoreThe Constitutional Convention Of Philadelphia Essay1535 Words   |  7 Pagesdelegates of twelve states wrote the Constitution at the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia during the summer of 1787 and in 1788 the states ratified it. That gathering at Philadelphia’s Independence Hall brought nearly all of the nation’s most prominent men together, including Alexander Hamilton, Benjamin Franklin, James Madison and George Washington. Several of the men appointed had records of service in the army and in the courts and others were experienced in colonial and state government. WhenRead MoreThe Presidency And Modern Presidency997 Words   |  4 PagesThe Presidents over time has increased the power of the office beyond what is specifically stipulated in the U.S. Constitution in many ways. Part of it has to do with how over time the Presidents all became distracted by the other President’s pressing issues. Congress’s decisions required that all the Presidents control their agenda, but only a few of the Presidents even managed to do that. Each of Presidents the over time approached developments and final approaches of the legislation, but someRead MoreThe Articles Of Confederation During The Revolutionary War1075 Words   |  5 PagesConfederation, there was no mention of an executive branch. There was also no blueprint for a president, and; no method for choosing a president for the entire nation. In 1789, The Constitution replaced The Articles of Confederation, and the country became a representative democracy, which wasn’t perfect by any means and needed a lot of work. The creators of The Constitution saw the need for an executive, the president, to run the new national government they were creating. The issues were, they couldn’tRead MorePardon of Richard Nixon1193 Words   |  5 Pages2014 Former President Richard Nixon is most well-known for his role in the Watergate crisis in the early 1970’s. The Watergate crisis started in June of 1972, when the Democratic National Committee (DNC) headquarters was broke into by members of Nixon’s re-election committee. The press took this breaking news and began to dig deeper into what the Whitehouse (President Nixon) was hiding. Over the next two years heavy investigations into the Watergate incident revealed that President Nixon did, inRead MoreThe Constitution of the United States871 Words   |  4 Pagesof the Articles, but an entirely new draft called the Constitution of the United States. Since then, this document has not only been referred to as the â€Å"supreme law†, but as the cornerstone and foundation of the United States government. Time after time in American history, its guidelines and effectiveness have proven that the Constitution is not a document to be disregarded. Therefore, the Constitut ion of the United States should be looked at as a paradigm and fully relied on for all political decisionsRead MoreHistory of the Electoral College Essay705 Words   |  3 Pagesfor the electors who nominally choose the president and vice president of the United States. Each of the states receives a certain number of electors, which is determined by the total number of senators and representatives it sends to the U.S. Congress. Therefore, each state has at least 3 electors. The Electoral College was devised by the Framers of the Constitution as a procedure to elect the president by the people, at least indirectly. The framers came up with this procedure for many reasonsRead MoreThe Constitution Of The United States Essay932 Words   |  4 PagesIn 1787 at the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia, the framers of the Constitution of the United States of America worked together to identify the best way to elect the President (Patterson, 2013). The ideas suggested varied and ranged from selection by members of congress chosen by lottery, to a popular vote of the people. By the end of the Convention the matter had yet to be settled as the framers fore saw that many of the suggestions were prone to corruption, error, and were very chaoticRead MoreSeparation of Powers Essay665 Words   |  3 Pagesthe framers of the Constitution was designed to do one primary thing: to prevent the majority from ruling with an iron fist, so the framers shied away from giving any branch of the new government too much power. There were three branches created within the Constitution -- the Legislature, Executive, and Judicial, each of which have a distinct function and fine lines separating them. (1) The Legislative Branch is composed of the House and Senate, The Executive, is composed of the President, Vice-President